Be Yourself, not who you think you ought to be.

I'm AndyDev, from Suffolk, but spend most of my time in Sheffield, where I do Politics at Sheffield Uni.

I love music, sports, mate, gaming and all that other stuff that guys like. Boobs etc.

I will post whatever tickles my fancy at the time. Do enjoy.

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    To Hell We Ride by Lost Prophets

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    Lost Prophets
    Start Something
    To Hell We Ride
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  5. Just booked my Tickets

    For an ‘intimate’ Lost Prophets gig at the waterfront in Norwich, its going to be insane, one of my favourite bands in my favourite tiny venue.

    Shinobi (assuming they play it) in that small room is going to be absolutely mental.

    Already excited!

    Posted 3 years ago

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  7. HYRO DA HERO - this lad has talent

    who knew Gangster Rock was actually good.

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